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Introduction - Welcome to Natural Medicine for Health

Hello, everybody. This is Dr. Leah McNeill, I have been a naturopathic doctor for almost 30 years.

During that time, I have used a lot of different supplements with patients from different companies.  I have seen the quality of these supplements waiver over time and became frustrated with their varying efficacy in treating various health issues with my patients. 

I have recently developed my own supplement line called Natural Medicine for Health.  I am excited to make the supplements available online as well as in my clinic.  The two most important things that I want available for patients is a high-standard in quality and easy availability.

Quality to me means not just good ingredients.  There are lots of supplement lines that have really good ingredients in them, in their capsules and in their bottles. But if they are stored incorrectly...such as stored at too high of a temperature, or if they are not transported correctly, or if they sit for a long period of time...then those good quality ingredients deteriorate and will just go to waste. So I am working with a company that uses only high quality ingredients, they ensure all is stored consistently at proper temperature and are able to send directly to you in an expedient quality manner.

The other exciting part of my product line is what I call Natural Medicine Packs.  Instead of getting having to get individual bottles of each supplement you are taking, we have developed the ability to package all your supplements in small envelope packages. Then you have the convenience of open one or two small envelopes vs several individual bottles. don't have to remember how many of each supplement you need to take.

So many of my patients take different supplements that have different amounts of capsules in each bottle. For example, your multivitamin might have 120 caps and your vitamin D might have 60.  And you need to remember how many of each you need to take.  Instead of getting different size bottles that will run out at different times, you can have them put in a med pack, as we're calling them, and have a month's worth in each pack. That is a huge convenience!!  And with everybody traveling these days, you can just pull off the packs that you need and take them with you on your trip or at work or wherever you might go.

I also have several Med Packs I have already created for specific ailments and conditions.  These have been designed based upon my experiences working with patients, such as women's health, fatigue, allergies, insomnia etc.

Listen to my podcasts and blogs to learn about some of my health tips and supplements that will improve your health.  My desire is to help you improve your health.  Thank you.