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Allergy Support

Natural Medicine for Health pack for Allergy Support. This pack contains several different levels of allergy support. One product is called Aller-Ease. It has Quercetin, vitamin C, and freeze dried nettles. Those products provide natural ways for your body to lower histamine. They do not cause dry mouth, nor do they cause you to be tired, and they are good to take all year long if needed.

People that have a lot of allergies usually have other immune issues so I added a product called C Complete which is Vitamin C.  This also helps to lower histamine and is an anti-oxidant for the immune system.  Also included is our D3/K2 supplement which is a blend of Vitamin D3 and K2. The vitamin K in this is product is good for helping to decrease the calcium buildup in your arteries and keep the calcium going into your bone.

Another great product included is N-acetyl cysteine (NAC).  This helps to make glutathione in your liver.  Glutathione is a very important antioxidant that is great for immune function. When we get sick, glutathione levels drop and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) can help produce Glutathione along with zinc, which is also in this Pack.  Zinc is in general good for immune system, thyroid, and it helps with tissue healing.  I believe zinc should be something that we take all the time. 

I have had great results with this Allergy Support med pack helping people with easing the effects of allergies.  I hope it helps you too!!!

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