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Are you having some digestive issues like heartburn, bloating, gas, or belching? 

These are very common ailments, and I have some supplements that will greatly help your digestion and eliminate those ailments.  One product is GastrAcid by Xymogen.  The ingredients aid your digestion by enhancing your natural digestive enzymes and process.  You should take this with each meal containing protein.  It is not necessary if only a small snack.  Start with one capsule with each meal and if needed, you can increase per your individual needs.

In addition...probiotics are very helpful for balancing the good bacteria in the gut which will aid your body’s digestion system.  I recommend ProbioMax Daily DF by Xymogen.  This is intended to be taken once daily.   

I also want to share some digestive health tips for you…

Digestion Tip #1…”Do not drink too much water with your meals.”  Drink the majority of your water in between meals so that don’t dilute your stomach acid. It's very important that you keep your stomach acid at the best level you can for digestion. Only drink about four to six ounces of water or fluid with your meal and the rest of your water in-between meals. 

Digestion Tip #2… “Eat like a King in the morning, a Prince at noon and a Pauper at night. That means eat the majority of your your food/calories in the morning since that's when our metabolism works the best. Eat a little less at lunch and a little less at dinner. Our thyroid is more active in the morning and our cortisol is higher in the morning.  These two hormones are very important to help your digestion as well.

Digestion Tip #3… “Drink about half of your body weight in ounces of water.”  I know that sounds like a lot but most of us do not drink enough and by drinking more water, especially in between meals like I mentioned earlier,  this will actually help to keep you hydrated and help your body to process the food that you are eating.