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Daily Essentials

Natural Medicine for Health pack for Daily Essentials.  Are you taking a daily vitamin supplement?  Whether yes or no...I typically find most people are not really aware of what exactly they are taking. A lot of people take a daily vitamin pill for general health and all too often they choose an "off the shelf" product without really considering the ingredients dosage and quality.

I have a created a Natural Medicine med pack which I highly recommend you consider making your daily vitamin supplement. It contains a "morning packet" that contains a multivitamin called Advanced Multi which is full of B vitamins and is a great multi in general, and Vitamin D. It also contains an "evening package" which contains magnesium and an omega 3 fatty acids. Magnesium is good to take at night as it relaxes your muscles and helps you sleep.

So this pack has two different that you take in the morning "AM Pack" as it will say on the packages which has the multivitamin and the vitamin D. The other you take at nighttime pack "PM pack" which has the omega three fats and magnesium.

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