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Natural Medicine for Health pack for Cholesterol.  Cholesterol...we all hear about cholesterol issues and the tendency is to look at cholesterol as all bad.  Often times cholesterol levels are said to be "high"and you may have been told you need a statin drug. That is not necessarily true. There are numerous and varying levels of cholesterol that are perfectly safe. And there's a lot of natural things that can lower them that are not statin drugs.

Cholesterol can actually be affected by your thyroid.  A lot of people that have high cholesterol also have low thyroid.  Thyroid actually communicates with the liver about how much cholesterol to make.  It's important to get your thyroid checked.  Test your TSH, your free T4 and your free T3.  If your thyroid is normal and your cholesterol is elevated, there could be a genetic component to it.  Again, this does not necessarily require a statin. 

Instead, consider using our Cholesterol med pack, with which I have had great success helping patients manage their cholesterol along with managing their triglycerides. 

Cholesterol is important. It's important for hormone production. So be aware that high cholesterol isn't always a bad thing. But look at those supplements and get your thyroid checked.

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