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Build Your Own Pack

Natural Medicine For Health packs - Build Your Own Med Pack.  I have a lot of natural medicine packs that are already formulated for you and are for specific conditions. There is also a way that you can build your own customized supplement medicine pack.

For example, if you are taking a multivitamin, some fish oil, Magnesium and vitamin D, you can scroll down my supplement list and click on those different supplements and it will put them into your customized medicine pack (Med Pax). It will tell you as you go, how much it will cost per capsule per day. It will also tell you how many will go in each internal package envelope.  About eight to nine supplements can go into each inner package envelope depending on the size of the pills.

The other thing to keep in mind is as you put each individual supplement in your customized pack, it will ask you whether you want to take it in the morning, daily, nighttime or bedtime. So you need to make sure to click on one of those boxes and the company will automatically put those in separate package envelopes within the medicine pack for you. When you receive your customized Med Pack of your supplements, you will find the vitamins separated into separate package envelopes for different times of day depending on what you indicated when you ordered it.

This is a great way to customize a personalized Med Pack for your supplements which is very convenient for being able to take with you when you travel or go to work. Go to my supplement page and start building your personal customized Med Pax

Click here to learn more about the Build Your Own med pack.