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Natural Medicine for Health pack for Anti-Aging.   We would all like to age gracefully and the supplements I have in this pack will help with different aspects of aging. One of them is called CoQ omega. It is a combination of CoQ-10 and Omega 3 fatty Acids.  The CoQ-10 is an antioxidant and the Omega 3 Fatty acids, DHA and EPA, are great anti-inflammatories for the body and are also good for your brain, skin and heart.

The pack also contains a supplement called Memory Aid. This helps keep our memory healthy as we age and go into menopause and andropause, and is a general memory aid for our younger years as well.

The third supplement in the Anti-Aging Pack is called Regenesis.  I have a lot of patients that love Regenesis. I use this for women who have osteoporosis because it increases the collagen in bones which is very important for the strength of the bone. It also helps with the collagen in our hair, skin and nails.  Plus it has been found to also help decrease wrinkles. So it is wonderful for our skin and it helps keep that aspect of our body young and healthy as well.

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