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 Hi, everyone!!!  This time I am going to talk about which vitamins help other vitamins to readily absorb.  If you are taking vitamin D, and you start to get leg cramps, or muscle cramps, you are likely low on magnesium. Vitamin D uses magnesium to get out of the bloodstream and into your cells. So it's important to take magnesium, especially in the evening, when taking Vitamin D. In fact, a lot of your minerals should be taken in the evening.  So take about 200 to 300 milligrams of Magnesium at night and take about 5000 units of Vitamin D a day.

Another pair of supplements that are beneficial to take together is Iron and Vitamin C. If you are anemic, then you will need Iron, Vitamin C and some B-vitamins as well.  Iron uses vitamin C to absorb and the B-vitamins help to make red blood cells so they all work together.

Another very important nutrient that we have should have been taking a lot more of these last few years is Zinc.  Zinc has been called the unsung hero. An old phrase used for Zinc is:  “No zinc, No think.”  Zinc helps our focus, it is really good for thyroid, good for our immune system, and helps to heal tissue injury faster.  So there is a lot of very important things that Zinc does and most of us are deficient. There will be some in your multi but there likely will not be enough.
In addition to needing a Zinc supplement, Quercetin, which is the bioflavonoid from fruits and vegetables, helps Zinc get into the cell more efficiently. Usually I recommend people to take anywhere from 400 to 1000 milligrams of Quercetin daily.  

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